Saturday, December 10, 2011

Vivian Kapusta & Debbie Hungle & Michelle Mason

Theme / concept        Translucence
Vivian Kapusta
Fibre Art Piece:           Sheer Beauty

When I chose my cousin as my partner, the challenge was to find common ground.  Debbie and her partner, Michelle, work in fused glass. We decided on ‘translucence’ as our theme. My project is in layered sheers to represent the transparency of glass. Our focus is butterflies& flowers.

Debbie Hungle  and  Michelle Mason           
Fused Glass:                Ethereality

Glass butterflies being painted with ground glass pigments.

 Vivian has long since inspired us to bring quilting into our fused glass designs, so we were excited for the opportunity to create an art piece alongside her. While the theme of ‘translucence’ might seem to be a simple one for glass artists, our challenge was to find ways to create textures in our glass to mirror those of fabric. Fusing the background glass onto textured papers and fiberglass fabrics helped in this effect. To create the rich details in the butterflies, they were painted with a powdered glass emulsion, fused then slumped or molded to create a three dimensional effect. We added texture to our flower by using ground glass frit and gently slumping in a ceramic mold. We feel that together silk fabric and translucent glass can capture the ethereal beauty of nature.

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