Saturday, December 10, 2011

Theme / concept        Orchid Cactus in bloom

Inspiration: actual night blooming cactus.
Marianne Parsons      Fibre Art Piece:           Our Tropical Wonder

Photographs of Betty’s orchid cactus plant in full bloom inspired Betty to propose that as our project. It certainly challenged e to portray the contrast between the lush white dinner-plate sized blossoms and the arm-length smooth dangling leaves of this tall plant. We decided to back this image in our pieces with the traditional Grandmother’s flower Garden hexagon shape to further emphasize the contrast between the traditional and contemporary.

Betty Howe
Painting:                      Orchid Cactus

My orchid cactus had just bloomed with 3 large flowers, 12 inches across. They are white with cream centers – spectacular! It blooms once a year for one night only.  In the wild, it is pollinated by bats who are attracted from dusk to dawn by their strong perfume. In recent years, I worked in fibre art ... I now return to painting oils on canvas

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