Saturday, December 10, 2011

Judy Greenwood and Laury Ravenstein

Theme / concept        Still Life

Judy Greenwood
Fibre Art Piece            Red Pot with Eggs

Laury Ravenstrein      
Painting                       Red Pot with Eggs
Sorry ... no photo of artist.

Joint Comment: In the beginning, I saw a still life painting by Laury and we discussed the Together show. I was interested in working with a still life and incorporating fabric folds and texture in a plaid. Laury arranged the still life and we both worked fro that – she did a painting and I reproduced the image in fabric. It was a challenge to work with the folds and the shadows. The fibre art piece is layered to look 3-dimensional with fabric paint enhancing the highlights and shadows. It is framed similar to a painting.

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