Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pippa Moore & her sister Sara Judith

Theme / concept        Memories

Original photo
For this project, we have both chosen to work from a photograph our father took in Yorkshire, not long before we left Britain and immigrated to Canada. It is a photo evocative of places we holidayed as small children, or were taken on picnics where we sketched in our little notebooks, while the grown-ups painted with watercolours.
Pippa Moore
Fibre Art Piece:           Almost There

I started my project in a Ruth McDowell, but revised it several times before I was happy with it. It's called "Almost There". While the background is pieced, the trees are machine appliquéd .  I've simplified and abstracted the details as much as possible, while retaining the perspective, and I hope, the sense of looking toward the sea with a certain longing.

Sara Judith
Hooked Rug using hand dyed and commercial wools: Yorkshire Childhood

Idyllic picnic spot
Memory of childhood
Preserved in time
Tall trees stand sentinels
Sun shining welcoming you back
But the gate is locked
You can never go back

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