Sunday, November 13, 2011

ABOVE ... the completed show ... BELOW ... the process

'Together' opened September 28/2011 and will run to December 31, 2011.

The posts below show the process of making art.

The posts above illustrate the 'Together' show as it was hung at the Quilt & Textile Museum in La Conner.

My finished piece: 'Sheer Beauty' with  Debbie and  Michelle's 'Ethereal' both were a challenge to display!

Hanging Jan's fibre art piece and Lyn's painting.
Kathleen Kok, a volunteer and me. The walls are all different sizes  which made  a wonderful background  for our work.
It was an incredible experience for me to see the show come together. When the photos originally came in, you see individual pieces of art. When you hang the show, it is like a living, breathing unified entity. The show is unique!

To see the full process, continue viewing the older posts! Enjoy!

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