Friday, August 12, 2011

Vivian Kapusta & Debbie Hungle & Michelle Mason

Project complete!
Sheer Beauty by Vivian Kapusta

Project complete!
The process:
Finally, a project that has been nurtured in my mind is becoming a reality!
My cousin Deb and I have talked about our plan over time and busy lives have been a problem.
However, I now have my project in motion ... a layered fibre piece that is sufficiently along to enable Deb and Michelle to work on their project ... a fused glass plate.
This little piece was the inspiration for colour and theme.

This is my sketch ... not biologically correct, but loosely based on a Blue Swallow Tail.
This pink poppy will be the base for the flower ... but, in a peachy tone.
This is my butterfly, a thread painting on layers of Solvy stabilizer. 12 inches by 14.
The rough plan for the layers of sheer ... 
So ... back to the studio!
You can see more of my work on:
And you can see the glass work by Deb and Michelle on:

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