Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vicki Gray and Cordelia Ann Bates

Victoria and Ann have completed two beautiful pieces .... two different styles ... one glorious flower!
Vicki's FibreArt - 'Iridescence'
Detail 'Iridescence'
Ann's beautiful watercolour painting ...

It all began here ...
Vickie looking over her palette of threads ...
Vicki is the quilter and Ann the painter.
23/01/10 Victoria: Please count me in on the ‘Together’ Show. Today I met with the artist with whom I will work and had a chance to see some of her wonderful paintings. Ann lives in Clearwater, BC, about 2 hours from my place. She produces the kind of art I love and appreciate, mainly watercolours, nature, old buildings, and especially flowers. She is 84 years old but you would never guess from her spirit and enthusiasm. She is professionally trained, an active member of the art community and a very successful artist in terms of the work she produces, sells and is commissioned to paint. We’re both really looking forward to this challenge. We have decided to create irises, each of us in our own medium, but we are trying to think of ways to incorporate the other’s medium in our own work. That may come as we get into the creative part. Our methods of working or course are very different, Ann always working on site, mixing her own palette while I am limited to a studio and having to use resources available (with some possible alteration). As soon as her irises are in bloom, probably June or early July, Ann will get to work and should have no trouble completing her part by fall. I can get an earlier start with design and background. We will confer with one another from time to time and then attempt to coordinate our creations in the final stages, whether this is in the colours, setting or method of display. We have decided that the pieces should be hung side by side on the wall, requiring no less than 45” width. As a point of interest, Ann says that painters always consider the horizontal measurement as length and the vertical as width, just the opposite of quilters.
Vicki  looking over her palette of threads ...

Vicki and Ann have completed their work ... two beautiful representations of one flower.

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