Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Judy Villett and Martha Jablonski Jones

Judy worked with Martha on  'Intersection'  in 2007.

This collaborative piece is the result of a “mystery” design process.  Two old friends now living near each other in Vancouver’s Commercial Drive area met for coffee one early fall morning in 2007, and agreed to share their vision of their new neighbourhood.  Judy would construct a base of pieced fabrics to be turned over to Martha to paint, then it would be quilted and finished by Judy.  Judy’s concept: a close-up view of walls and pavement, got turned on it’s side by Martha, who saw the walls as streets and painted stark images of empty buildings,  graffiti and the daily crow migration.  After Judy got over her surprise, she reconstructed the image, adding more curved paving and weeds intersecting with the original street.  She set to work adding lots of quilting to accent the design. When Martha got over her surprise, both artists agreed that they liked the piece, though it was very different from what either had planned.  It took on a life of it’s own!

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