Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gloria Daly & Deb Clay

Gloria and Deb have completed their projects, scroll down to see their work.
We were almost strangers yet as artists in different disciplines we shared the common voice of creation.  To initiate our project we chose three words: Runes, Wings, and Keys for the way they resonated with us.
After e mail and personal studio visits our joint individual works emerged.  A first time experience in collaboration we find the results are truly – TOGETHER!

Gloria S. Daly
Working as a full time artist from her studio in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island she creates textile works of art combining traditional techniques with contemporary flair.   
Past:          Keys – The Greek Key is the most important symbol in ancient Hellenic Greece as it represents infinity and unity the eternal flow of life, consisting of a continuous band arranged in rectilinear form. 
Present:     Rune – Dagaz was chosen to represent the stable balance between polar opposites, especially midday and midsummer, the high points of the light in both day and year.  These are times of strength and well-being.  Dagaz has great protective power and is the rune for balance, as between light and dark.  I believe all artists seek this spiritual balance in their work and in their personal lives.
Future:       Wings – The wings or rays of Dagaz give a sense of light, health, prosperity and openings. It serves to stop harm from entering, while still allowing in those things that we need. 
 Pennick, Nigel. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Runes. Boston, MA: Element Books Ltd, 1999.
Deb Clay
Deb Clay is an artist, writer and graphic designer living in Otter Point on Vancouver Island.
Past, Present and Future:
Through word and /or image we can be taken anywhere in time and space.
The words runes, wings and keys had me visit aspects of my past and future.  Here the birds are in memory of my father but also they move beyond this past into a shared field of view. X is Gebo, rune of gift and partnership, creativity.  It marks the physical space repeatedly, settles in places.  The key plate opens to possiblility, to future.  Captured in the keyhole the single X is a still p[lace, a moment between past and future.

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