Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Emilie Belak and David Milton

Completed Projects:
Formerly green pine forests of the Pacific West suffer extensive damage by pine beetles. Dried up trees are ready fuels for forest fires. Salvaged logs are a prized material for wood craftsmen who create beautiful utilitarian and decorative pieces.
Dave Milton has taken a Pine wood product that has been stained by  Pine Wood Beetle damage, and has made beautiful, utilitarian items.
The cool of the blue and the warmth of honey hued heart wood make for lovely contrasts.  
This wood is versatile, beautiful and can be crafted to make objects that are both decorative and utilitarian.
Emilie Belak has chosen fabric to interpret her image of beetle damaged forests.
Denim Wood by Emilie
detail Denim Wood, Emilie
Emilie Belak is an award winning artist who shows her work nationally and internationally.

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