Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jean Weller and Pamela Westhaver

Theme / concept        Holiday in Venice

Jean Weller
Fibre Art Piece:           Venice

Venice has many faces – not for nothing is it renowned for its masks. Some faces are light, ethereal, joyful, dreamlike. Others are not far below the surface, are dark, decadent and voluptuous – full of intrigue, mystery and death. This piece, set among the ancient crumbling mosaics, golden stone and quiet piazzas, reflects the secretive and dark side of Venice.

Pamela Lyle Westhaver
Handmade Book:        Venetian Dreaming

All my life I had been yearning to visit Venice, the beautiful and mysterious city by the sea.  My trip with Jean Weller, to celebrate my 65th birthday, fulfilled this  dream.  One week in Venice allowed us to explore to our heart's content.    We walked every day, everywhere – down narrow, claustrophobic streets and across bridge after bridge.  We looked up at building facades and ornamentation, we looked down at water, boats, and reflections.  We looked ahead and back, with the excitement of an adventurer who wants to go forward but who also wants to find the way home again.  We got lost and we discovered new wonders at every turn. 

The creation of my book “VENETIAN DREAMING” allowed me to  revisit my photos, journals, and memorabilia to re-experience Venice and   the wonders I had seen there.  As I reflected back on my time in Venice, I tried to recreate both the look and feel of the city.  I painted papers and used words and imagery so that each page of the book would recapture a memory, and provide the viewer with an anticipation, of this city that is like no other on earth.  

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