Sunday, December 11, 2011

Janet Bednarczyk and Lynn Green

Theme / concept        
An orchid in Don Bednarczyk's collection

Janet Bednarczyk 
Fibre Art Piece:           Cockle Shell

Lynne Green
Painting:                      Moon Light Orchid
Sorry, no photo of artist.

Joint Statement:  We both were drawn to the same orchid but for different reasons.  Janet loved the color and Lynne was captivated by the shape of the bloom.  Janet's process was to gradually develop the lines and colors over several months by first working in paper and coloured pencil mock ups and then painting onto old linen and finally moving to hand and machine stitching. Lynne worked spontaneously painting with mixed media onto canvas over several months.  She says she needed to let the piece speak to her and the appearance of the moon in her piece was a surprise.  We mostly completed our pieces independently of each other.

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