Sunday, December 11, 2011

Emilie Belak and David Milton

Theme / concept        Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Emilie Belak
Fibre Art Piece:           Denim Wood

 Formerly green pine forests of the Pacific West suffer extensive damage by pine beetles. Dried up trees are ready fuels for forest fires. Salvaged logs are a prized material for wood craftsmen who create beautiful utilitarian and decorative pieces.

Dave Milton
Turned wood projects: Chair and Bowls

Stained bluish-grey in the sapwood by the fungus introduced into the tree on the mandibles of the mountain pine beetles, the wood is thought by many to be inferior; we beg to differ. Pine trees, literally starved to death by the fungus, present us with yet another way to express ourselves in art, culture and our buildings. The cool of the blue and warmth of honey-hued heart wood  make for lovely contrasts as shown here.

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