Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pippa Moore & her sister Sara Judith

completed projects:
Photo taken by Pippa & Sara Judith's father in Yorkshire, England 
 - before the family immigrated  to Canada
Pippa's interpretation in fabric of the memories she and her sister share of their original homeland.
Sara Judith interpreted the image in a hooked rug.
Pippa  Moore: I am paired for this show with my sister, Sara Judith.  

Sara was a weaver for many years, but in recent years has turned her attention to rug hooking. She is qualified rug hooking instructor, and is particularly interested in creating original works of art using her own hand-dyed wools as well fibres from other sources. She has shown her work nationally and internationally. I am a quilt teacher, designer and textile artist, who has shown my quilts nationally and internationally. One of the interests we share is in landscape.

For this project, we have both chosen to work from a photograph that our father took in Yorkshire, not long before we left Britain and emigrated to Canada. It is a photo evocative of places we holidayed at as small children, or enjoyed picnics where we sketched in our little notebooks. The grown-ups painted with watercolours.

Sara has hooked a rug of this scene very recently, and I will leave it up to her to describe her process. I will be interpreting the same scene in fabric. I am choosing not to see her work before I have completed my own, so that I am not unduly influenced by her process or choices.  
Sara's piece measures 24" wide.

Pippa is very active with a program in Africa to benefit women who are living with the effects of AIDS and raising children.
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