Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kristin Rohr & Colleen Golumbia

The finished pieces ...
Scroll down to see the process!
From Kristin Rohr 'Algae Bloom'
detail of Algae Bloom

Colleen Golumbia ' Undersea Dance'
detail of 'Undersea Dance
Kristin Rohr and Colleen Golumbia have decided to work together on the La Conner project. Kristin will create a quilt and Colleen will be the painter. They are both interested in what is happening in the ocean around Vancouver Island. They are looking forward to working together. 
Theme: Underwater at the Venus observatory, Patricia Bay. 
Keeping a sketchbook is a great way to gather information, make drawings, decide on colours and get a feel for the theme. Below are several pages from the sketchbooks of Colleen and Kristin ...

Beautiful hand dyes, ready to be part of the ocean view.
A wonderful way to explore all sides of a theme! The journey is as important as the end product, perhaps even more so!
Kristin Rohr: I use traditional and experimental techniques to depict the earth in untraditional ways. My work is often about time and change – sometimes fast and radical, sometimes a slow evolution. Growing up in New England my favorite times were spent on the beach, in the sand examining the delicate colors and subtle textures in stones polished by waves. To learn later that they had been moved and dropped by glaciers only added to their mystique..
These interests have persisted and are now expressed in materials and techniques used over millennia. Technology has allowed these but the love of texture and color remain.

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