Saturday, December 10, 2011

Leslie Forbes and Barbara Boldt

Theme / concept        Landscape

Inspiration: The watercolour by Barbara Boldt was chosen because it was exactly like the creek behind our former home in West Vancouver.

Leslie Forbes
Fibre Art Piece            After the Rain

Landscapes are the emotional barometer of our lives. They evoke places of our action and reaction. All our senses are empowered with the memory of place. Even from a great distance in time, a landscape has only to be mentioned to have our emotions and hearts engaged.

Barbara Boldt
Painting:                      After the Rain

Nature, unspoiled by human intervention and wild things growing where they are, give me endless inspiration and material for my landscape art. I feel close to the earth - her cycles and natural design. I am a realist in life and in my work, being guided by Henry David Thoreau’s words in ‘Walden’, “The more the painter invents, the further he takes us from the world which actually exists; and to that extent, he may even encourage us in the alienation from the real.”

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