Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kristin Rohr & Colleen Golumbia

Theme / conceptMarine Life 
VENUS underwater observatory in Saanich Inlet

Kristin Rohr
Fibre Art Piece:  Algae Bloom

Algae bloom in spring; at the base of the  food chain Skeletonema costatens  provides nourishment for many tentacled creatures. The VENUS observatory records the seasonal blooms and the nocturnal  migration of zooplankton  from the depths to graze on the algae.

Colleen Golumbia
Painting - mixed media diptych painting:       Undersea Dance

Interconnectedness in nature is a theme I have been investigating, in this case, under the Salish Sea. The movement of undersea animals is graceful and smooth, not unlike a ballerina performance. This is what I tried to capture in Undersea Dance.

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