Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jenny Perry & Edmund Currie

Jenny has completed her project, based on a painting by her father.
Here is Jenny's story:

I will be collaborating with my father, Edmund V. (Ted) Currie, (1924-1981).  He painted from a young age and sparked my interest in art.
His part of the collaboration will be a portrait in oils of a young woman from the Congo, one of 2 places in Africa where he lived and worked. The size of the framed painting is approximately 15" x 18".

My fibre piece will be approximately 35 in. x 40 in.  At this time I do not know the orientation.  The theme will relate to African women, as several of my father's paintings were of the women there.  Some were portraits and others portrayed them shopping or selling in the African markets or carrying baskets on their heads.  My interest in African textiles was influenced by my parents' time there and my "Together" piece will be a chance to showcase some of the distinctive fabrics from West Africa.

August Hi Vivian,
I have started my piece, having done the fabric painting, the piecing and preliminary quilting for the central area.  It is now ready for additional thread painting and quilting as well as the addition of borders.  My piece is a fabric interpretation of a painting my father did when he returned from the Belgian Congo where he worked for the Red Cross in 1959-60.  Although I have selected another painting of his for his part of the exhibit, both tie into the theme of African women and my Dad's interest in the people who lived where he was working.  I'll send the more detailed information and photos you requested below as soon as possible, but thought I should give you an immediate response about my progress.

March ... a work in process ...

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